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W.A.I.O. Collection by Atelier AVEUS*

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

The W.A.I.O. (We are in Orbit) collection features a set of furniture whose conception has been inspired by the interstellar space.

Borrowing design guidelines from the infinitely big, and miniaturising them in each piece, the collection tends to blur the perception of the scale. It invites people to take a step back of the surrounding environment and be part of a suspended landscape.

The collection includes a Gravity Clock, a Meteorite Stool and a Orbit Table.

Gravity Clock is made of Lava Stone, Steel Cable and Brass.

Meteorite Stool is made of painted Foam and Brass.

​Orbit Table is made of Concrete, Glass, Brass and Burned Wood.

#Chair #Clock #Table

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