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Fall by Chialing Chang

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

The fallen leaves and petals symbolize the shift in nature. The phenomenon, which is only fleetingly brief, is seldom noticed by people. By placing the liquid resin under a tree and waiting for leaves and petals to naturally fall into it, the design project Fall aims to capture a moment of the unique season by freezing the process of falling.

In Taiwan, orchid trees are widely planted. The trees begin flowering in shades of pink and purple in early autumn, while falling after several weeks. The idea was to make flowers fixed by polyester resin without human intervention, showing the original appearance of nature. Since the whole process was done in turn over an uninterrupted working time, the sequence of falling was recorded in layers as a result.

Fall entirely encapsulates the traces of the season. It is a piece of time and the result is a magical table surface so beautiful that gives the feeling of fall in your interior space.


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