Satellite Chair by Nina Kühl

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

As a interior Design student at Fachhochschule Trier, Nina Kühl, designed the Satellite Chair as part of her furniture design course. The most important point of this project was to think of a new form of padding without using any pillows or other comfy substances.

In a long progress, she tried to find a new and very special way to sit comfortable in a ergonomic way by using a modern and unique design. Never before someone tried to combine a seat shell with a base by just hitching ropes; maybe because of the fear of not being stable enough. Nina tried to work with that fear and designed a chair which is very solid but flexible as well.

By designing the top and base as separate pieces she had to come up with a solution to connect the two using ropes, which also gives the flexibility of movement and rotation to the user.

The seat is curved from a beech wood using a CNC machine and attached to the bottom base with climbing ropes and aluminium clips.

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