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Mushiki by Tomás Alonso Studio & OKAYstudio for Arco

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

A series of auxiliary furniture that is part storage box and part side table. Loosely inspired by some of the haberdashery and storage boxes Arco was producing in its early days, this piece aims to propose a new typology of object within Arco's collection and its existing production methods.

Simplicity of production and reduction of components where some of the main premises when developing the design; a stack of round boxes that sit on three legs out of which one doubles as a pivot point for the boxes and their lid. The project takes its name from its visual similarity to the Japanese traditional bamboo steamer, Mushiki.

Created during a workshop organised by furniture manufacturer ARCO along with all the members of OKAYstudio. The results of this workshop where presented in an exhibition called OKAY LONDON at Vivid Gallery, Rotterdam.

#Table #Storage #Wood

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