Trampolin Chair by Cuatro Cuatros for Missana

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

The Trampolin chair, part of Missana’s latest catalogue, The Novelties, has grown up into a high end bar stool in which we can still appreciate the characteristic schematic lines that define this sophisticated and comfortable product, increasing this way the possibilities of the outstanding Trampolin family with a bar stool that it is suitable for the trendiest contract & hospitality projects. Unlike other bar stools Trampolin offers a modern but contemporary design at the same time, it is perdurable and extremely comfortable thanks to the padded upholstery due to which it already is a product under high demand in the market, all with a unique and exclusive design. Trampolin is a very chameleonic bar stool, its challenging structure seems to be suspended in a weightless state, almost floating.