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Fraga by GamFratesi Studio for Ligne Roset

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Fraga is a combination of a table and a pouf, hence its unusual name. Fraga not only combines the functions of a table and a pouf, but also combines soft and hard surfaces. In that way, it mirrors our different moods, because sometimes we’re relaxed and sometimes we’re more concentrated. No matter what your state of mind is, it’s possible to find use for this hybrid. The contrast in the combination of materials strengthen the intuitive sense of function, where the tray has the traditional function of a coffee table, where to put a glass and a cup of coffee etc.

The edges of the tray will protect the upholstery. The upholstered surface could also be used to hold on a laptop, a mobile phone or one's feet, where a softer support is pleasant. The corners are rounded in a friendly shape easy to place close to the sofa. The pouf allows to be combined with various sofas by personalizing the textile. The legs are in stained wood. The tray can be removed for cleaning.

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