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Elastic Lights by Marta Bordes

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Elastic Lights is a collection of articulated lamps that brings movement and play into ceramics, questioning the function of traditional ceramic objects.

We often see ceramics in our everyday objects but rarely as part of a mechanism. On the other hand, mechanical ceramics are widely used in advanced technology. The aim of this project is to challenge a material that is very traditional and familiar in an unconventional application that defies common assumptions about ceramics, connecting it with its technical role and enhancing the interaction with the user.

Simple geometric components linked by elastic cords reveal the function as a visual feature. The playfulness of the system invites to manipulate the lamps and enjoy the feeling of the pieces sliding smoothly around each other. Elastic Lights is a functional application of ceramics in movement, a new way of experiencing the material, playful and engaging.

#Lighting #Ceramic #Elastic

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