Bag & Clutches by Lommer

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Danai and Alkioni of Lommer believe in people who are uncompromised with what is already out there; people who are constantly in search for new approaches in their problems, and therefore design because they believe there could always be a better way version of anything around us.

They design various type of bags and clutches to match your style and to bridge the gap between fashion and product design


A tote bag system. A medium size handbag with one retractable strap running inside and outside the bag. Long or short, in several colors and you can have many different bags in one. An award winning bag for your everyday life.


simple and minimal clutches made to fit your style. It is designed in various sizes with unlimited color combinations.

The signature of the design are the bottoms that are both functional, as they help assemble the clutch from a flat 2D sheet to a 3D from, and decorative.