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Objest Watches by Jared Mankelow

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Objest creates beautifully simple, premium Swiss made watches. Designed to be loved and worn with pleasure and pride, these timepieces are for people who notice the telling details that differentiate superior design and impeccable quality. Developed in London in conjunction with world-class watchmakers, each Objest is carefully crafted using the finest materials, and designed to function effortlessly, look remarkable, and provide a lifetime’s better timekeeping.

The new model Hach features an ETA automatic mechanism found in the likes of the Breitling Windrider and Rolex Submariner, which affords it a pleasant weightiness, eliminates the need for batteries, and guarantees a system that is sure to last for generations. Add to this a totally customisable design: from the second hand to the bezel and the buckle, the new Hach is there to reflect individual taste and add a touch of colour and joviality to your outfit. And while original features such as the timeless criss-cross face still remain a staple choice, Objest has also added a new dotted dial into the mix.

The new model reaffirms Objest’s commitment to providing a high-quality, well-designed and personal timekeeping experience to a wide audience at an affordable price.


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