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Movimento 3 Collection by Ronald Sasson

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Combining creativity and versatility, Ronald Sasson seeks inspiration in contemporary art to make every piece of furniture he creates unique. With timeless reference, his new collection, Movimento 3 (Movement 3), shows geometric, sinuous lines forming a balanced visual composition.

This is Sasson’s third time exhibiting his pieces at IDA, a design fair that takes place during ArtRio in Rio de Janeiro, and second time presenting a solo exhibition in collaboration with Galeria da Villa, an art and design gallery located in southern Brazil. Sasson will bring to IDA original pieces of furniture – stools and armchairs mainly, characterized by a modern aesthetic concept and made with handicraft-processed materials, such as wood, brass and leather. The limited series of 10 units per piece will be produced at a furniture factory in southern Brazil.

Stool Kansai

The idea for the shape of this stool came from bamboo baskets with loose edges, giving it the appearance of frayed wefts. This stool is made of steel internally coated with brass and externally coated with Brazilian Ipe.

Chaise Àra

The seat and backrest of this chaise longue rotate around an axis thought of as the hands of a clock. Spaces around this axis provide lightness to the piece, with an emphasis on the horizontal leather buds that cover most part of the chaise. It is made of Brazilian Ipe and caramel leather.

Armchair Grand Tour

The strength of this armchair lies in the counterpoint provided by the leather upholstery simulating a car seat. With diagonal angled feet, this piece looks like an industrial building with style and nobility. It is made of olive leather with solid brass feet.

Armchair Meccano

This armchair is made of solid cypress and brass on a wooden base. The sinuosity of its shape is interspersed with the lateral lines of its seat and backrest. It is made of solid cypress and brass.

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