Tea Cart by Rahyja Afrange

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

The ancient ritual of making tea endures as one of the few things we cannot speed up. In our accelerated culture where instant connectivity has become the new standard, the process of brewing a cup of tea remains unchanged. If you want tea, you must wait. This simple fact feels almost like an act of social subversion, temporarily denying our thirst for instant gratification in exchange for a conscious, extended experience of the present moment.

A tea cart made from local Brazilian wood and hand-hewn brass accents blends into residential and commercial settings with ease. Set on wheels, the cart can occupy a range of spaces and contexts. The lower level can be used for storage and decorative display while the top includes an integrated electric burner for heating the kettle, hidden storage for cups and tea, and a brass tray for serving and presentation. The ceramics were specially developed for this project by the talented ceramist Paula Almeida based in São Paulo. Intended as a limited edition, the tea cart stands as both a product and a graceful reflexion on contemporary life.

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