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Cascade/ Caraffa by Pascal Hien for Fabrica & Frisure

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Cascade is inspired by the fluid flow of the liquid it may contain. It is used as a carafe, a container for wine to share with friends, or a vase to present a flower bouquet. It was produced for the special occasion of the United Colors of Benetton VIP Christmas present which is given out each year to the most important clients and friends. The ceramic piece was made in close collaboration with the Italian ceramic district in the city of Nove.

For their SS16 called Caraffa, FRISUR, a multidisciplinary design studio and fashion label based in Berlin, takes inspiration from interior design, namely the brand’s first ever design object: “Cascade”, a minimal carafe with a cascading spout devised by Fabrica’s German designer Pascal Hien.

#Carafe #Ceramic #Vase

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