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Tarrugao Collection by Gt2p Studio

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Tarrugao collection is the manifestation of the fleeting presence of life on a rigid surface. Each jar reacts to human intervention and the action of taking or hugging; each piece is materialized in its essence. The geometric features of all pieces together form a “still life” of parameterized objects of daily use.

That unique moment is captured in each Tarrugao (está + arrugado = being wrinkled), depending on the place and the pressure that is on it. The result of this pressure is a soft surface wrinkled waiting for a careful human interaction. Just as the embrace of reconciliation when Chile returned to democracy.

Its DNA of design starts on a surface of revolution, which is cropped successively to control their development. The resulting cuts are duplicated, scale and subdivided into points. The combination of the points of the original lines and the scaled ones creates wrinkled curves. These wrinkles are more pronounced where the fact of taking the object is present. With the wrinkles the surface is reconstructed and finally softened.


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