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Takahashi by Objekte Unserer Tage

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Takahashi builds a bridge between extremes. Its confident presence radiates an emphatic tranquility. Japanese design and aesthetics are seamlessly combining ultimate simplicity and functionality with the love for detail and playfulness. The new lounge chair Takahashi by Objekte Unserer Tage is designed as a homage to the aesthetics and craftsmanship of Japanese culture. Functional and comfortable, cultivating quality with regards to form and function, unifying traditional and futuristic elements. The fascination with Takahashi lies in the topicality of the design. Next to its grounded character, it is an expressive piece of furniture. The pronounce form effectively contrasts the Asian influences and makes Takahashi an avant-garde object.

As a hybrid of lounge and deck chair, it is perfectly suited for home and garden. It works solitary with ottoman or in small groups. The collection is available in the colors black, sand and santorin blue.

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