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Trace by Uhnger Design Studio

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Trace represents an attempt to create digitally manufactured wooden objects that still carry the signature of the process that created them. Whereas handmade wooden items such as bowls or ladles might carry knife marks or cuts, products made using computer-controlled machinery typically have the grooves and imprints left by the CNC mill sanded away. This collection of trays and platters preserves these ‘traces’ as a form of ornamentation, allowing the user to gain an insight into the story of an object’s production, and glimpse how the machine used has ‘revealed’ the piece from a single wooden block, ash beech walnut.

The objects functions as a surface to display precious or everyday items. The slightly oval shape of the pieces reflects that they are made with a mill and not a lathe. The surface is concave and explores how to add function with minimal means and tooling.

Trace is showcased for the first time in Milan 2016 at the exhibition Structure.

#Wood #Tray #Tableware

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