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Thin Chandelier by Peter Bristol for Juniper Design

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Much like Ron Gilad paid homage to Ingo Maurer with Dear Ingo for Moooi, so does Peter Bristol pay homage, with a wink and a nod to them both with the THIN Chandelier for Juniper.

Made from precision-machined 1/2″ brass tubes, each of the Chandelier’s twelve illuminating arms can be swivelled, folded and stretched into a myriad of biomorphic and geometric arrangements, each articulating moods ranging from dramatic to playful.

Developing and manufacturing the THIN Chandelier has been one of our most exciting experiences to date. Peter Bristol’s designs are deceptively simple. Striped of all unnecessary lines and mass, his work is easy on the eye but often challenging to bring to life. The fixture appears to suspend and illuminate magically, as if with no wiring and no weight.

Juniper Design makes this happen with carefully constructed machined brass, a proprietary spring system and miniature connectors.

#Lighting #Metal #Chandelier

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