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Smashed Coffee Table by Cozi Studio

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

An elegant design of a plain square coffee table that was brutally sabotaged. The smashed paper like effect generates tension between the skinny elegant gold plated base and the rough top surface, emphasized by a gap separating the leg which fails to reach.

Materials used in making smashed are naturally pressed wood veneers and 24K gold plated metal.

Paper thin wood veneers are layered on top of each other, separated by uncured designated glue. The stack is placed in a two piece mold that dictates the product's final shape. An electric current is passed through the mold, solidifying the glue and stabilizing the form of the bent veneers. The meticulous plan of the three dimensional mold, executed by CNC milling is designed to bend the veneers into shape without stretching the material and forcing it to split.

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