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Table series for Lo Studio della Pietra

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Hualien is located at Eastern Taiwan, where two plates converge, forming the mountains and creating precious marble in the same geological process. After half a century of stone mining and transporting, Hualien has became the center of Taiwan marble industry, which is renowned for marble craft, interior decoration and architecture materials. After decades of subcontracting, local manufacturers have exported products and imported aesthetics of marble. The challenge for the younger generation designers is to develop new aesthetics which reflect the contemporary social context. However, this would not be possible without the support from local manufacturers.

Lo Studio della Pietra, International Workshop on Hualien Marble, invites designers to come to Hualien to work with Stone and Resource Industry R&D Center and Italian designer Moreno Ratti. In the collaboration between designing and manufacturing, they will jointly explore the potentialities of marble design.

Giotto by Moreno Ratti

For Moreno Ratti, the idea was born watching the marble slabs in stock. Why not use this material in a different way? so was born "Giotto" a rounded marble table made by cutting a slab of Taiwanese marble with waterjet. To make the lightweight material, it Created a marble and aluminum sandwich of 1cm thickness. No waste, simplicity of assembly and shipment.

A Table by ChinhoLien

A Table series is a minimal design in search of simplicity. The essence of design is supposed to be simple and understandable. But as a designer, Chinho aimed to enrich the viewers' experience and inspire their different perspectives.

Rolling Days by Yang Kai Mei

We have seen ourselves through the mirrors, which reflect expectation, change and aging day by day. We roll the mirror just like sunrise and sunset roll the time. The base of the mirror refers to the shape of crossing mountains in Hualien, the origin of marble. The colors of White marble and Serpentinite represent daytime and night.

Split Marble Collection by Chialing Chang

Split Marble Collection is inspired from the sawing process of the marble. Being cut artificially, the retaining rough rims of stone pieces greatly contrast the smooth profile. Through stacking, the common way to place the slabs, the rough edges create the image of a layered cavern beneath the table and the stool. The stiff outlines together with the irregular fractures present the aesthetic of dissonance.

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