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Unexpected Collection by Elliot Bastianon

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Unexpected Collection is a range of furniture which explores the acoustic sheet, EchoPanel, in furniture applications. These pieces, which have been folded, bent, creased, pressed and pleated into existence are an investigation into the possibilities of structure and form. Elliot Bastianon has generated a collection where objects have been discovered rather than premeditated, and in doing so presents a range of furniture with unorthodox forms and unfamiliar characteristics.

Orientation expresses the capacity of an acoustic sheet to function in furniture applications.

Orientation is a coffee table that marries two materials and presents a contemporary object informed by traditional craft techniques.

Six Fold is a bench seat that uses six individual sheets of EchoPanel to function as an underframe, turning a non-structural material into a supportive element. A timber frame on the underside removes any chance of deflection and ensures the top remains flat when used.

Tilted is a single acoustic sheet that has been pressed together and housed within a timber frame, allowing three sections of the plastic panel to protrude forward and be utilised as a support system. Timber shelves locate around these protrusions and are kept in position via a series of oak dowels.

Tilted is a wall-leaning shelf comprised of straightforward parts that work together to create a furniture object whose form is unfamiliar, but whose structure is clearly expressed.

Armadillo Light is a wall-mounted lighting system where the one sheet of EchoPanel has been folded, pressed and fastened to give shape and body to a two-dimensional material.

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