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Circular Trays by Alessandro Isola

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Circular Trays is a collection of five individual trays, a trivet and a chopping board, all designed in such a way that each piece fits into the next.

Each tray is milled out of a single piece of steel and formed into a shallow disk with a circular recess positioned off centre in the top face. The diameters of these openings vary in order to accommodate the next tray in the series, therefore allowing all the pieces to be inserted into one another. A trivet, constructed in a similar fashion but with slots milled through it to allow for better heat diffusion, then fits within the fifth, and smallest, tray. A wooden chopping board, styled after the trivet, can be placed within the first and largest tray.

Each piece of milled steel is coated in copper and polished, resulting in a warm and stylish finish.

The ability to present Circular Trays as a single piece or as a series of its individual components means that it is highly adaptable to the user’s needs.

The trays are produced and sold by Record e Cucine.

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