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Clou by Richard Yasmine

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

A nail or “Clou” in French is an extended metallic piece used to connect two objects to each other. It consists of a flat end, sometimes enlarged called a header and a body usually ending with a pointed shape. The concept of “clou” is to use the whole entity as a coffee/side table. It’s a series made of different kind of materials; composed of a flat surface or header which is the table top and a pointed ending pyramid which creates the bottom.

The following edition consist, one full body Pentelic (Greek marble) and treated iron metal, each forming the shape of an exaggerated flat header and body, connected to a pedestal from the same material, that we can mix and match depending on the color combination that we wish to get to create the table or even use it as an ornamental sculptural, a huge nail if laying on the floor.

The visual reflects double symbolism; sadism and alliance, in a dramatic but esthetic appearance together creating one body. When the nail is enforced to penetrate the base, part of its body is buried in this second element or material, once done, the two elements are now attached and become one.

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