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Avlia by Nataša Njegovanović

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Slavonian domestic and farm animals have become the models for this furniture system designed for children. A cow-shaped desk, the dog and the cat re-imagined as stools, the pig turned into a toy chest, and the chicken in the role of a pencil-box, all take us back to a time long gone when children played with wooden toys. The simple shapes of those toys served to emphasize the pure essence of what they represented, thereby leaving enough space for the child’s own imagination and giving it a chance to build on the original idea on its own.

Turning a critical eye to today’s dominant games and toys, this furniture system serves as a subtle, yet constructive counter-offer in a world where children are being spoon-fed entertainment. It encourages the child’s natural creative response as each object from the collection serves at the same time both as a toy and a functional item. All the pieces together set the scene for games yet to be discovered.

Mostly made of locally available materials, i.e. the Slavonian oak, which is already a brand in and of itself, this product draws inspiration from the Slavonian village and thus has the potential to promote the beauty and the tradition of the region it hails from.

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