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Romeo e Giulietta by Federico de Majo

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

The new blown glass lighting project by Federico de Majo is based on a single modular concept. Such product lines are, in fact, modular, blending perfectly into the space in component holders that provide light from LED sources. With their exquisite Venetian style with regard to materials and production techniques, these glass elements offer endless variations in shape and composition. With their creations and installations, the catalogue collections are just the start of long path to discover new potential solutions that can be designed and created with customers who decide to rely on Federico de Majo's thirty years of experience in designing lighting projects and artistic glasswork.

All the details of products by Federico de Majo, from colour variations to metal finishes can be customised and adapted to meet all requirements of design and taste. Thanks to these special features, the new collections can be perfectly included in exclusive supplies for hotels and large spaces, giving designers an opportunity to create unique interiors that stir emotions with their eye-catching decorative effects of light and colour.

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