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Crochet Collections by Iota Project

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Dedicated to crochet knitting (knitting with one needle), this technique originally from northern Europe, allows creating both planar and three dimensional shapes by making knots in different spacing and thus represents endless configurations. The knitting has a part in the nature of the products and in the materials, some of which are knitted themselves. The compatibility to the crochet technique and to handcraft specified the selection of the materials, and their fitting qualities can be felt in the final products.

The many collections of this technique include Rugs, Poufs and Stools. The rugs are colorful and lively and come in several sizes, textures and colors. They are handmade in different crochet techniques. Each rug is completely unique, treasuring the special hand of its maker and the special combination of threads created just for it.

The poufs provide various alternative-sitting possibilities for your space. They are comfortable, inviting and always an appealing option to rest and to enjoy company. They can fit perfectly as a part of various sitting assemblies, as well as can be stand-alone pieces. The fun and playful stools add a design touch and a wink to any space. They are designed to be small, compact and comfortable. All the stools have oak wood structure and are covered with the unique textiles in different textural and color combinations.

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