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Type 15 & 15a Shavers by Hone

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

The practice of shaving is a moment of reflection in an otherwise hectic life. A good shave prepares your face for the important day ahead and gives quiet confidence. Like any job worth doing well, choosing the right tool is important.

The Hone Type 15 Razor keeps distractions to a minimum, focusing on the classic safety razor qualities of simplicity and balance to create an approachable and uncomplicated product that lets you focus on task in hand.

A traditional material for double edged safety razors, brass used in the Type 15 carries a certain nostalgia but with a new perspective; taking time and care of the objects you chose to surround yourself with. Heavy, yet warm the patina and surface of the razor reflects the individuality of every owner.

The Type 15a is an aluminium adaptation of the award winning Hone Type 15 razor. Fully CNC machined the geometry of this three piece razor has been adjusted to match the properties of this high performance yet lightweight material.

Offering a compelling combination of comfort, closeness, and agility, the Type 15a is a great addition to the Type 15 range.

The Type 15a has two options for handle length. The 85mm handle comes as standard, but the new choice of a 100mm offers a solution for those who require a longer option.

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