Kazimir Chandelier by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio for Roll & Hill

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

The Kazimir Chandelier was inspired by the late 1800 Russian artist, Kazimir Malevich who created paintings often composed of flat, abstract areas of multi-layered shapes and compositions.

Like his work, the Kazimir fixture is the result of our increased experimentation with "complexity & layering" and by our interest in geometric abstraction, and minimalism.

Kazimir explores an "elemental complexity" through a 3 piece collage of textured and dichroic plate glass shapes arranged around an illuminated triangular frame. The resulting arrangement celebrates layering of shape, texture, color, and effect. "Complexity" lies at the intersection of the three elemental forms and invites one to interact with the piece by walking around it and see how the shapes and composition transforms.

The collection is available in either a Chandelier or Sconce version.

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