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Galleria by PearsonLloyd for Tacchini

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

PearsonLloyd’s Galleria comprises a steel bar, running along the base of the system, onto which a series of beautifully crafted elements in simple shapes and materials can be added; among them wood slabs, blocks of upholstered fabric and leather, and solid marble discs. The result is a logical, but abstract composition of textures and materials; not a surprise considering it was designed with images of Italian Neo-rationalist architect Aldo Rossi’s work in mind.

The system has a distinct architectural language, and enables the buyer to custom design the product for a particular space; be it a simple linear bench, an angular ten-seater for public spaces, or an upholstered island in a hotel, for guests to relax on.

While each element is hand crafted by specialists in northern Italy, the piece is designed to travel flat pack, and can be assembled on location.

#Sofas #Table #Wood #Fabric #Marble #Bench

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