The Desk Collection by Grovemade

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Though Grovemade began in 2009 as a maker of bamboo cases for the iPhone, the intention to be more than a “case company” was always a part of its foundation, and a shared aspiration of founders Ken Tomita and Joe Mansfield. The spark came in 2013, when Ken and Joe made a trip to San Francisco and toured the newly finished headquarters of lodging-service giant Airbnb. Still, Ken and Joe noticed one obvious oversight: many of the immaculate desktops had monitors propped up with an array of shoe boxes and books.

The seed had been planted for a monitor stand that would appeal to the design community.

While the final design of the Grovemade Monitor Stand has a very simple appearance, achieving its form took a tremendous number of iterations. What began as a fairly rigid and severe form slowly evolved into the softly contoured silhouette they offer today.

The product worked and looked great, but other desk elements suddenly seemed out of place. Neoprene mouse pads and plastic pen cups just didn't cut it next to sculpted wood. The whole landscape would need to change.

The team had attempted to design multiple products concurrently. The thread of continuity and visual balance between each piece were entirely new considerations.Final additions were agreed upon: a pen cup, two diminutively sized planters, a miniature dish, and a desk lamp, all with a unified shape and circumference.

Designed as a minimally intrusive accompaniment to the keyboard, the keyboard tray was cut to be as thin as possible while retaining a similarly ergonomic shape. Taking advantage of the hollow space created by the Apple Keyboard's unique shape, it came to serve as the lid for a hidden compartment, with carved slots for pens and spare batteries below. The final sticking point was the mouse pad; a handsome cut of premium leather, lined with cork and a wooden pen rest.

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