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C# Sideboard by Ana Barbu

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

The C# sideboard takes its name from the intersection between horizontals and diagonals found in the panels' hatch. The main source of inspiration is the HATCH, the concept was meant to create a diverse range of geometric shapes, cubes laid out on an edge, triangles, hexagons, but at the same time a graphical mashup of hashes. At the whims of the user, the sliding panels can form endless juxtapositions which can be combined with contrasting colours and drawings, which allow the possibility of hiding or highlighting books, decorations or other stored items. The sliding panels are detachable and can be reattached anywhere on the rails. This sideboard won 2nd prize at the National Furniture Contest in Bucharest, September 2015.

#Sideboards #Wood

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