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Drawstring Lamp Gothenburg studio Design Stories for Merry Go Round

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Drawstring lamp is a textile lamp made from a sunshielding waste material. All the materials in the lamps are reused or recycled. The fabric in Drawstring Lamp is made by Svensson Markspelle, originally used as a sun screen which filters the light beautifully and therefore is well suited for lighting products. Additionally the textile has a structure that allows it to be self-supporting in an organic yet symmetrical way.

As they wanted to make an outstanding design with crafted and unique details they sought themselves to Göteborg’s Belt Factory, to design fabric cords that complement the lamp shade. The textile cables have a three colored dotted pattern reminiscent of the classic textile cable but more three dimensional in its look. The wooden parts that hold the lamp together both work as a constructional component, decoration and as a practical feature if you want to shorten the cable.


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