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Couture Armchair by Färg & Blanche for B.D. Barcelona Design

Updated: Jan 23

Fredrik Färg & Emma Marga Blanche are proud to present the Couture Armchair made with Wood Tailoring technique, produced by BD Barcelona Design.Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche have been developing a technique over the years at their studio in Stockholm, being bapitised and registered as Wood Tailoring™, which includes the use of sewing machines on hard materials like wood, to unify different parts.

With it, the patterns created have an aesthetic value within themselves and offer amazing results.

The first pieces made using this technique, which require an abundance of artisanal ability, were presented by Färg & Blanche at the Stockholm Fair in 2014 as a conceptual project. BD has taken up the challenge and has adapted to the prototypes and serial production, materialising the now new presented chair, re-baptised with the name Couture.

Layers of thick plywood are stitched together to make the Couture Armchair, where the sewing represents a topographical map with an organic pattern that resembles the growth of wood (the same pattern reappears on the front part with its upholstery). "We wanted to create an armchair with a strong focus on the pattern created by the seams and where the craft is really visible. The use of a gradient amplifies the effect of the layers and the feeling of attaching two hard materials together,” say the designers.

An evolution to its form has taken place to make it more comfortable with additional armrests and a swivel base, so that this piece be much more functional and not just beautiful.

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