Urchin & Bamboo Pendants by Mo-en Design

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Mo-en design combines aesthetic and environmental sensitivity to create beautiful and distinctive lighting and glass pieces. Working with recycled glass and traditional cold working techniques, they create unique, hand-made, and sustainable products.

Their lighting products are unique in texture and forms yet retain a sense of memory implicit in the original object. The hand-cut nature of the glass ensures that each piece is a unique representation of the glass cutting process. The lights are cut in a way that create high and low reliefs in the surface. This texture encourages the eye to travel around the object and creates a sense of depth and warmth. The light is reflected and refracted in the glass which allows for each piece to display a unique pattern of shadow and light.

As well as using recycled glass they harvest their own water and are aiming to convert to solar power in the near future. To decrease their environmental impact we aim to create no waste.

Mo-En design creates beautiful objects for everyday use that benefits the environment and will contribute to a sustainable future. The Urchin pendants are available in various sizes.