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Barbry Collection by Aurelien Barbry for Georg Jensen

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Inspired by Nordic cuisine, the Barbry collection merges sculptural shapes and functional design. With this collection of beautiful kitchen utensils, comprising quality kitchen knives and beautiful crafted oak pieces, Living Georg Jensen celebrates Nordic cuisine and inspires modern cooking in the home.

This inspired Aurelien Barbry to create a collection that merges the Danish heritage of Georg Jensen and the New Nordic philosophy. Barbry related this to his own view of design as an exercise where you take the simple things from daily life and ask yourself: how could they be done differently? In the Barbry collection, he has created essential pieces that take routine tasks in the kitchen and transform them into gastronomic and aesthetic pleasure.

The Barbry collection comprises three high-quality knives in individual, beautiful oak holders as well as a strikingly sculptured oak tray and cutting board, a spoon and spatula set and a sleek pair of salt and pepper shakers that accentuate the marriage of Barbry and Living Georg Jensen designs and create rejuvenated inspiration for the daily practice of contemporary cooking in the home.

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