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Seaboard by Roland lamb of Roli

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

From an early age Roland lamb saw the piano keyboard as a source of infinite possibilities, but at the Royal College of Art he also thought deeply about the limitations of the keyboard as a mechanical interface designed to create sound. He explored the concept of a new instrument whose tactile interface would enable a range of sonic expression that far surpassed what is possible on a standard keyboard. This concept became a series of sketches, and the sketches became the Seaboard. While at the RCA Roland built the first Seaboard prototype, developed the Seaboard’s core technologies, founded ROLI, and established ROLI’s distinctive design ethos.

The Seaboard, an award-winning musical instrument, revolutionized the piano keyboard by replacing white and black keys with a continuous, touch-responsive surface that combines the expressive capabilities of many instruments in one interface.

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