Metropolis by Giacomo Moor for Post Design

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Metropolis is a system composed of seven pieces (coffee table, desk, wardrobe, console, bookcase, horizontal and vertical wall system) it is a limited edition production of only 25, each numbered and signed by the designer. Precious walnut wood volumes, framed in black-varnished rectangular structures, evolve through space in increasingly different ways: they outline architectural shapes that, in addition to responding to specific demands, evoke archetypal metropolis skylines, crystallized over time and locked into the collective imagination.

The geometrical strictness of the iron structure matches, in a delicate balance, with the warm material of walnut wood, in rather intense synthesis that empathizes the significance of wood and its handcrafted manufacturing. The furniture collection does not explicitly show its features, but it hangs suspended in an ambiguous dimension, inviting the user to interactively discover small unexpected secret compartments, drawers and trap doors.

The function of the compartments is hidden due to the absence of handles, which are replaced by small black-varnished eyelets to discretely suggest the opening.

Each piece is named as following: Deadalus Bookshelf, Perspolis Desk, Babel Vertical wall unit, Katai Horizontal wall unit, Atlantus Coffee table, Tecla wardrobe and Zefir Console.

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