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Liaison Table by Daniele Ragazzo

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Liaison, with its striking and unusual pairing of forms and colors, emphasizes the concepts of diversity and bonding through the equilibrium of different forces that unite to create cohesion. The luster of the materials and compact brightness of the colors create a vivid counterpoint of light, while the fragile slenderness of the steel bars give the impression that the heavy pane of glass is floating.

The juxtaposition of different weights is almost paradoxical, emphasizing the delicate dynamics that unite elements that are starkly different, such as in everyday life and interpersonal relationships. An artifact with an ambivalent nature, it reveals what is hidden: the complexity of open ended postmodern indeterminate language that somehow manages to find an equilibrium and stability in its opposites, drawing strength from its weaknesses, and offering us a particular representation of ourselves and life.

#Table #Glass #Metal

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