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Passivation Project by Everything Elevated

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

As a means to elevate the value of ordinary objects of use through low-cost materials and manufacturing methods, each object in Passivation Project is finished with a conventional chemical treatment that makes them physically stronger. The trio of steel pill-shaped containers, inspired by Faberge eggs, were made using thin steel sheet that is spun at high speed and pressed over hardened steel molds by a Computer Numerically Controlled metal spinning machine. The pair of rounded steel tables, was made of laser-cut polished steel and the pair of mirrors was made of stamped mirror polished steel. Once shaped, they are sandblasted before getting dipped in a plating bath that leaves a thin film on the surface, preventing corrosion and employing a striking color play that is always unique.

The Passivation Project was unveiled at the former Mondrian Soho Hotel (now NOMO SOHO) in collaboration with the Norwegian art and fashion magazine SMUG during New York Design Week in 2014. It has since been exhibited in Oslo, London, and WantedDesign NYC.

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