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Expandable Furniture Series by Ian Stell

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Mobility in a piece of furniture should serve a purpose, but the act of transformation should be a kind of dance. Ian Stell’s tables, chairs, and objects have been known to shape-shift with a ductility not often associated with large-scale furniture. His inspiration is taken from the pantograph, the design of a 16th century instrument used for enlarging drawings. He combines art and engineering in a series of hinged furniture pieces that can expand and adjust in size, based on function or available space.

Big Pivot, Femten and Sidewinder are some of his furniture pieces that share this characteristic for different functions. Big Pivot transforms from a thin console to substantial dining table by simply adjusting its angle. Femten mutate from stool to dining chair and Sidewinder transforms from side table to a long and skinny shelf.

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