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Sylph Chair by Atelier Deshaus

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Sylph chair features a piece of continuous long tubular steel manually curved that forms the back and the legs of the seat. Sylph Chair is endowed with some characteristics of an elegant fair lady, while the word Sylph, implies in itself a lady who possesses a slim figure.

The elastic deformation specifically defined by the user when he/she weighs on the chair, initiates a unique dialogue between the chair and the sitter. The top of the front legs are intentionally expanded a little to better sustain the base panel, while downwards the legs gradually slimmed and the section deforms from a round shape to a heart shape.

While the steel tubes make the chair look very light and contribute to the beauty and uniqueness of each chair, they are extremely structural to hold the seat and the back of the chair. The wooden part of the chair is a two legged stool supported on the steel part and the combination of the two materials gives a very modern, simple and minimal look to the chair.

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