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Purpur Tea Set by Roxanne Flick

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Through the analysis of the lesser flamingos and the cycle of human creativity and nature, their physical appearances and body structure and functions, parallels were drawn and applied to designing this tea set. The beauty of nature and the beauty of art is correlated to the life of the viewer and how she/he perceives it as beautiful. Roxanne Flick‘s work intends to show how inspiration by nature is adapted on design. Moreover it elucidates that an inanimate form can be alive and imply a process which does not end with the production of the object but goes far beyond. The objects create a dynamic and transience by being able to tell a story which fascinates the viewer or the user. The work is oriented on the cycle of the Lesser Flamingos, their visual appearance, the functions of their body, the choice of their nest site, and their behaviour which is adapted in the design in an abstract way.

The pieces of this set are made from slip-cast porcelain and being inspired by the flamingos, they are colored in very soft tones of pink and grey. Every element represents a specific character of the nest. The Tea Pot obviously is the feeder and acts as the parent/adult while the sugar and milk dispensers designed in a way as though they are looking up to the teapot and ready to take in the food (in this case the tea).

The remaining cups represent the eggs that have a neutral role in the nest and no character yet and merely act as a container. This entire set seat on a round nest looking table made from Oak wood and glass.

#Porcelain #Tableware

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