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Crystal Series Table by Saerom Yoon

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

This table is the first work of the Crystal Series. The crystal series is made by dyed acrylic resin. Yoon directly dyed the surface while maintaining the transparent state of acrylic resin like crystal, and tried to express the specific natural feeling of it which is different from artificially printed one designed by a computer. In the process, every piece is glued to the others and melted repeatedly. This process brings forth naturally blended colors and the dyed layers looking as though they are overlapped. As a result, through this process the dyed acrylic resin causes an optical illusion and produces distorted shapes through refraction and reflection while maintaining transparent state like crystal. Blended colors also give natural effect of gradation through different angles of refraction and reflection. Yoon tried to express the natural impression of the color than an artificially expressed one. Each Crystal Series Table is dyed in a pink with purple tones design, as well as a pink with light blue and purple tones design.

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