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Aluminum Heatsink Laptop Stand by Bryan Wong

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

The Aluminum Heatsink Laptop Stand, is a laptop stand that can reduce your laptop’s heat while improving ergonomics quietly. We spend long hours at our desks, sitting in front of our computer. Depending on work environment, you may be using a desktop or laptop. While laptop has the freedom of portability, it doesn't support healthy ergonomics for the user, not to mention the long working hours. This common problem is easily relatable to everyone. Just by angling your laptop slightly, ergonomics are improved dramatically. It reduces pain within your wrist and neck while creating better airflow for your laptop. Wong believes there's a certain beauty within analog designed object that can't be replaced by software, lines of codes. The beauty is to simply place your laptop on the laptop stand and it'll do the rest for you, automatically and instantly.

Wong's main design approach for this project was a continuation of a previous project, Material Justice. He strongly believes that by utilizing material's unique properties, it accentuates the design while keeping it simple and subtle. Aluminium is honest, it has amazing material properties and can be recycled infinitely. After going through the anodizing process, it creates a smooth surface finish on the aluminium, making it scratch resistant. By utilizing aluminium's amazing material attributes, the laptop stand acts as a passive heatsink and dissipates heat into the air without the use of fans or power while remaining silent.

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