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Mashrabeya Cabinet by Nina Mair architecture + Design

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

It is the mystery of the half-hidden that makes this cabinet special. Its name has been derived from the Arabic term Maschrabiya, which in traditional Arabic architecture refers to decorative wooden frames that were used as window frames or balcony enclosures in houses and palaces. This piece of furniture embodies the underlying functional principle of this element of architecture. Its delicate grid structure serves both shading and ventilation purposes. What lies behind the grid only become visible to the onlooker upon their coming closer but remains hidden from a larger distance. The cabinet, thus, becomes a delicate piece of furniture to store valuable items. The front of the Mashrabeya Cabinet is designed in a contemporary pattern with a moiré effect. When the doors slide open and shut new patterns keep forming, which create the impression of a moving image. Mashrabeya is available in different colour combinations: whitened beech or stained dark beech combined with coral or nubia.

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