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BANG II by Markus Haase

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

At once a sublime work of art and a functional object, BANG II is a unique, hand-carved console that defies easy categorization. Markus Haase’s two decades of experience as a sculptor are evident in his masterful treatment of materials, where smooth undulations of bleached American Black Walnut appear as malleable as drapery as they curve in convex and concave forms beneath a hand-carved Bardiglio marble top. Haase is equally adept at sculpting in stone as in wood and proves himself to be a master of the stack laminated technique. Like a classical sculpture balanced in contraposto, the piece is rendered at ideal aesthetic equilibrium: the bold, dense structure that appears to grow from the ground on the right, is met with a lightness and levity as the left side floats.

BANG II conveys speed and movement; it is about to propel and take off. Through automotive allusion and intricate carvings, the wood appears windblown, and the structure accelerating. The piece is fit with one storage drawer and is wall-mounted.

#Console #Wood

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