Square Vase by Alessandro Isola

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Square Vase is made up of four separate vases, each one being subtly different to the next.

Moving upwards the vases are increasingly perforated and warped, creating complex curves that push the form inwards. With the vases positioned together it becomes apparent that these curves flow continuously though the object as a whole, as well as within each individual piece.

The pieces can either be stood vertically as a vase, or simply laid on their sides as structural objects. The object’s perforations allow glimpses of the contents of each vase, while the sealed laser-sintered nylon base ensures that they will not leak.

Walking past them in sequence you experience a similar sensation to walking past a picket fence, albeit an amplified one. As you look through the vases the image through the apertures appears to be in stop motion, with the illusion of it rippling and shimmering, as if on fire.

Square is part of a series of products experimenting with 3D printing. The series takes simple everyday objects and reinterprets them in a more contemporary form by morphing them to create sculptural pieces.

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