Eye of the Light by Małgorzata Mozolewska

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

In the new version of Eye of the light metal fabric is weaved to reflect light. It can be modelled into various shapes, forming perfect texture for light to play with. The fabric, while made in metal, achieves quite an organic expression. Front and back side of this fabric are different. Glimmering with colors is achieved through the process of steel galvanization. All the production is made in Poland by local artisans. Mozolewska is interested in an ornament which is closely related to form, resulting from the structure of the project. In this approach she is inspired by nature, wings of butterflies, scale of fish, birds’ shimmering feather, as well as by picturing a magical flower of fern. It is the very fabric that serves as ornament, but also the sparkles of light reflected off its surface and dancing around.

#Lighting #Metal