Islands by Raw Edges for Caesarstone

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

The project Islands aims to mark a playful shift in Caesarstone’s focus, as it looks to re-imagine its surfaces usually used for kitchen tops for more unconventional uses.

In a common kitchen the surface is only a top layer that covers the kitchen units which hide everything behind handless doors. Here surface is proposed as the core of the kitchen which binds the different elements together in a quite unforeseen way.

Each island is imagined as a stage for entertaining. The seven islands include functional home environments like a kitchen, a bathtub and a vanity top, with also more whimsical pieces such as a fish tank, a wooden blocks counter and a ping-pong table. Designed as an A shape monolith, sheets of stone are arranged into table-like structures that serve as a base for each one of the pieces. Further elements are inserted through slots cut into the stone to become an integral part of the islands.

The quartz surface is combined with reclaimed wood, ceramics, terracotta, glass and brightly coloured additions, which bring the stone to life and enhance its striking grains and veined details.

Thanks to a rare creative freedom afforded by Caesarstone, designers of Raw Edges carefully developed a conceptual interior that they hope will influence the mainstream.