Lane by Bence Szűcs

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Relaxing is indispensable for us. In this fast and stressful life, we humans need to spend some time for our mental health. We need to have a break and relax. This idea inspired Bence Szűcs to design a lounge chair, which is perfect for relaxation. Exploring ergonomic necessities, his main goal was to design a practical lounge chair, which creates harmony between form and function with positive ecological features. Thus the chair is based on rotational moulding technology, which is significantly more economical than other types of molds. The shape has a organic structures, which harmonizes well with the polyethylene's flexible character. These physical and formal properties together allow the chair's rocking movement, which levels up the experience of relaxing and places the user in the ideal lounging position in what almost feels like pure weightlessness.