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Living Space III by Karen Chekerdjian

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Sculptural and functional, this piece combines a lounger, coffee table, stool, and magazine rack into a single unit that becomes more than furniture. It is a living space, verging on architecture. This collection began many years ago with Living Space I and II. Living Space III harkens back to the radical designs of earlier eras, yet its shape and conception are very clearly of today. Sanded in places, notably at the head and feet, the chair conveys an impression of use, as well as one of ease, familiarity, and comfort, even while being rigidly constructed. The wooden structure is made airy by its rattan panels, a style once commonly used to make sidewalk cafe chairs in Lebanon. Its embroidered cushion references the Ihaf, the quilted blanket used in wintertime in Lebanese mountain houses.

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