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DPI by Filippo Mambretti for MOGG

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

DPI is a series of modular wall cabinets/containers/shelves. In fact, this product is designed to deconstruct and deform the architecture and interior environments, expanding the three-dimensional volumetric perception of space and the individual walls, making them literally expand volumetrically, while creating spaces with functional, decorative and versatile containers.

The finishing which characterizes the fronts of the modules has been developed to increase the yield of matter, that is emphasized by the three-dimensional composition of the wall.

The different developed compositions of DPI may find an immediate insertion within different spaces such as the function of libraries and shops and TV sets, as well as bedside tables inside the sleeping areas. You may use them in more locations within the domestic space, both indoor and outdoor, thanks to their strong multi functionality and compositional value.


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